Officer Self Dispatching Features

JusticeConnect has features to allow an officer to self-assign to an open Call, or to generate a new Self-Dispatched Call.  

These features are intended to allow lower priority Calls to be handled directly from the field and take pressure off the often-busy CAD operators. 

Self-Dispatching Functionality
  • Officer Self-Assign to an Active or Waiting Call
  • Ability to Specify Unit Arrival Time
  • Click to Request an Incident Number Assignment
  • Ability to Update Location Data
  • Ability to Self-Remove / Clear from Assigned Call
  • Ability to specify Unit Clearance Time / Clearance Code
  • Add Scratchpad Notes
  • Add Vehicles to the Call
  • Add People/Contacts to the Call 
  • Update Oregon STOP Data within the Call
  • Specify the ORS Number within a Searchable Field with the Call
  • Post Call to the RMS
  • Ability to Clear and Close the Call
Officer Initiated Dispatching Features
  • Access to Create a New Call for Service
  • Find Me Functionality to find Exact Location
  • Ability to Start Typing location that will Automatically Match to Correct Address
  • Ability to Start Typing an Offense Code that will pre-populate with Matching Results
  • Assign the Call to Yourself or Any Unit in Your Agency
  • All features included from Self-Dispatching Functionality
Settings and Security
  • Administrators specify allowed settings for access to Self-Dispatching Features
  • Allow Self-Dispatching based on the CAD Assigned 0-5 Priority Codes
  • Assignment to Features and Priority Level is Department Specific
  • Ability to use Self-Dispatching can be set on a per-user basis
  • All Calls are Immediately Viewable and Editable by CAD Operators
  • Dispatch workflow can be set on a per-department basis

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