Device Provisioning

JusticeConnect devices using the iOS, Android and UWP app require a one-time authorization and provisioning to provide an extra level of security and features.

  • 1
    Provide an AgencyID

    The unique ID assigned to your agency will be passed to our Provisioning Server to validate the connection request and to provide a secure communication channel.

  • 2
    Provide Device Information

    Provide information about the user of the Device that will be associated with the request.

  • 3
    Wait for Approval

    The assigned agency administrator contact will receive notification of the request via email and will be prompted to login to a secure Administration Console to approve or deny the request.

  • 4
    Login with CMI Credentials

    After the provisioning request is approved an email is sent to the user - and the application screen will automatically refresh to show a login screen.

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