CJIS Data and Content Auditing

JusticeConnect is purpose built at the application level to capture CJIS defined events, produce automated audit reporting for official review, and includes an intuitive mechanism for documenting review.

The automated audit reporting feature provides visual and data summary reporting daily and weekly in order to facilitate efficient analysis of access to CJIS and RMS data. Along with summary reporting, administrators can drill down from summary reports for greater specificity.

Reporting includes:

  • Successful Authentication Attempts
  • Failed Authentication Attempts
  • Username Changes
  • Successful/ Unsuccessful Password Changes
  • LEDS Queries by User
  • Detailed Auditing of User Activity
  • Report of CMI Records Created/ Updated/ Deleted
  • History and Access Graphs
  • Roll-up Statistics
  • Daily/ Weekly Emailed Reports
  • Approval Log / Report Archiving for CJIS Audit Compliance

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