Frequently Asked Questions

Company Background

Who is CMI?
We are a software company providing CAD and RMS software and secure mobility solutions (including court integration) for cities, counties, courts and law enforcement.
How much experience does CMI have in software development?
We have designed, written, tested, installed, and supported PC based applications in more than 200 agencies in twelve states. Through the years the CMI Suite of Products has grown and transitioned from DOS based software to fully featured Windows Applications. Our team is now developing an updated major release version to provide a newer user experience with updated technology using newer software standards.

Basic Information

I'm interested in CMI's software, but how much does it cost?
The cost of software is based upon the number of software licenses, customization requested by an individual agency, and on-site services. You can request a proposal for your agency on-line at any time.
What documentation and product tutorials are provided with your software?
All of CMI's software applications come with integrated help files that can be viewed or printed.
I'm interested in CMI's software, but do not want to lose my existing data?
Data conversion is a valuable service offered by CMI. Our team can import your data from most database sources. The migration cost is based on your data’s native format, its condition, and the number of records.


What are the technical support options provided by CMI?
Support options include technical assistance, training, user groups, and on-site services. Support is available via phone, remote desktop sharing, or on-line through e-mail, or searching the knowledge base.
How does CMI handle requests for technical support?
Using CJIS Compliant access, our support team can connect remotely to assist with desktop and server error mitigation.
How does CMI handle software fixes, upgrades, and what are the costs?
CMI provides clients with software fixes as necessary to maintain the functionality of the installed software. Contact us to learn more about our licensing models.
What costs are associated with ongoing maintenance?
An active Licensing and Support Agreement is required for all customers that use the CMI Suite of products. Out of scope support services are available on a per need basis caused by changes to customer hardware or operating systems used in conjunction with our software applications. These services are offered on a per-project or per-hour basis at rates defined within each customers license agreement.
How much, if any, downtime is required for data updates or to back up data files?
The process of updating or backing up data files will not cause any system downtime. During the back up process, users may still run queries and perform updates.


What operating system will run CMI's Desktop applications?
Our desktop applications are PC based and will run under Windows Operating Systems.
What are the minimum system requirements to install and operate CMI's software?
Our applications are PC network based and will run on a computer properly configured for all Windows Operating Systems through Windows 10. More Information on Technology Requirements 

Products and Services

Is CMI's software compatible with other applications, spreadsheets, word processing, or report generators, etc.?
Our applications are PC based and will run without conflict with any other software application intended to be run under Windows Operating Systems.
How does CMI suggest handling data back-up and recovery?
Agencies normally perform routine data back-ups and recoveries. Emergency recoveries are coordinated with the customer when needed. Consulting services can be provided to assist in database mirroring, offsite archiving and cold storage.
What kind of data analysis is built into CMI's software programs?
Advanced ad hoc data analysis is part of every software program that will allow data to be analyzed on any set of parameters or fields contained within a program offered by CMI.
What are the reporting capabilities available with CMI's software?
Our records management software applications are certified by several state and federal reporting standards. Please contact CMI directly to inquiry about a specific reporting standard.
What are the possibilities for expanding your software's capability?
Client requested modification or development is available by contacting CMI. All of our software applications are built to be extended if needed.
Does CMI offer a Mobile Data Terminal Solution?
JusticeConnect is our software solution to provide secure CJIS compliant communication and access to your CAD/ and RMS records. Provided as an iOS, Android and Web-based App for the highest level of flexibility and access.


What documentation and product tutorials are provided with your software?
All of CMI's software applications come with integrated help files that can be viewed or printed. This web site contains Training Videos that are prerequisites to user training.

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