About CMI


Developing software products for public safety agencies is our only business. Known previously as Custom Micro Inc, CMI markets and licenses software products and services to municipal, county, state, and federal public safety agencies throughout the continental United States and Alaska. We have installed software products and performed related services in more than 200 agencies.

Products of CMI are developed through a working relationships with numerous public safety agencies around the country. These agencies are involved with the conceptual, code generation, and testing phases of product development. Input from our clients in all phases of product development greatly improves a product's functionality, stability, and cost effectiveness. All of our software is developed and tested in the field before being marketed.


CMI is uniquely qualified to provide your agency with software-based solutions. This qualification is based on experience. The cumulative effect of our experience allows us to deliver on our commitments in a timely and efficient manner.


CMI has clients in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Kansas
  • North Dakoto
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming


In January 2018, iFocus and JusticeConnect joined forces with Custom Micro Inc to create improved services! This collaborative effort with iFocus will drive development and future improvements to the software with improved compliance, feature updates, and the latest technology.

Visit www.iFocus.us
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