Public Safety
Software Solutions

CAD and RMS software solutions
including court integration for cities, counties, courts and law enforcement.

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CMI's comphrehensive software suite is specifically designed for Police, Fire and EMS Services.

Offered as a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform, JusticeConnect provides secure access to the CMI CAD and RMS software.

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Records Management System for law enforcement agencies.

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Computer-Assisted emergency dispatch system.

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Correctional facility daily operations management.

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Tracks civil processing information for Law Enforcement Agencies.

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Incredible power, mobility, and security.

Dispatch & Incidents

Create and edit incidents, and communicate with Dispatch in an interface that securely syncronises with your CAD and RMS software.


Our system provides an integrated solution for creating eCitations within the JusticeConnect app.

Advanced Authentication

Advanced or Two-factor Authentication is required when accessing CJIS data systems remotely.

Automatic Vehicle / Unit Location (AVL)

GPS coordinates can be sent back to the JusticeConnect Server every 5 seconds when a unit is actively on duty.

Secure Administration

Create usage and auditing reports, CJIS auditing compliant reporting, and more.

Fire and EMS Compatible

Enables users to dispatch fire data only, use Common Operation Picture (COP), and enables automatic vehicle/unit location (AVL)