Automatic Vehicle/Unit Location (AVL)

JusticeConnect | AVL for iOS and Android

The GPS coordinates of deployed iOS and Android devices are sent back to the JusticeConnect Server every 5 seconds when a unit is actively on duty and movement is detected.

Unit location data along with other Dispatch and GIS layers are shown within the Common Operational (COP) Map.

Location and unit information is placed on a map with an icon that allows command or other JusticeConnect agency users to see where units are located.

JusticeConnect | AVL for Windows

Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) services  are also available for installation on any Windows Laptop or Tablet with an attached USB or Bluetooth external GPS device. 

The JusticeConnect | AVL software runs in the background and silently communicates the logged in user Unit ID and location.

Contact us for a DEMO or to install on your Windows MDTs/ Laptops for your Police and Fire Units.

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