Advanced Authentication

What is Advanced Authentication?

Advanced or Two-factor Authentication is required when accessing CJIS data systems remotely.

Advanced Authentication

( – Required for authentication Outside “Physically Secure Area”

“…The intent of Advanced Authentication is to meet the standards of two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication employs the use of two of the following three factors of authentication: something you know (e.g. password), something you have (e.g. hard token), something you are (e.g. biometric). The two authentication factors shall be unique (i.e. password/token or biometric/password but not password/password or token/token)…” – CJIS Security Policy

Within the JusticeConnect App an Advanced Authentication Module uses a token based authentication mechanism using a user specific BINGO CARD/ PAPER TOKEN value to provide the secondary level of security to keep the application and data secure for remote user access.

Once the user is authenticated within the JusticeConnect App an option to toggle on Touch ID/ Face ID/ or Windows Hello biometric federated authentication provides an enhanced user experience.

JusticeConnect also performs CJIS Password Policy Enforcement

JusticeConnect Authentication Process:

App user must first login...

System use notification screen...

Then provide an identity token...

From a paper token grid value

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