Offered as a Software as a Service (SAAS), JusticeConnect provides secure access to your CAD and RMS by using our iOS, Android or Web-based apps.

This platform has been developed to allow agencies access to new technology without requiring a major technology initiative or have an expanding IT budget for management of a complex premise-based system. This means that JusticeConnect SAAS provides these features without requiring an additional on-site dedicated server to house the secure software environment.

Any CAD/ RMS/ CJI data in the "Cloud" environment is stored within a secure encrypted Azure Government file container. 

The JusticeConnect SAAS system connects securely back to your agency specific CMI and FORSECOM SQL Databases using FIPS140-2 encryption to act as a proxy connector to allow your mobile users access to CMI Justice. 

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Agency CJIS data stored within an agency premise facility or hosted on a Microsoft Azure Government Cloud resource can be accessible through JusticeConnect Apps. 

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