Electronic Ticketing!

Tue, Jan 01, 2013

CMI has joined with Tailored Solutions ‘ForseCOM’ to create an Electronic Ticket application that populates Justice Ticket & Master Name screens with the data returned from DMV state switches for Oregon, Washington, Kansas, and South Dakota.  This provides easy retrieval for driver's license or tags to populate the Person and Vehicle screens. Officers select the applicable violation from a drop-down menu on the computer screen - and the appropriate statute number, fine amount, and court information is automatically entered on the ticket. References are available for department contacts that use Laptops, iPads, and Tablets.  Mobile thermal printers (Zebra) allow for tickets to be printed on site.  The data is also transferred without user action to Court software when it's available.  Click HERE for a look at videos for Justice-Lite Mobile 1 and Justice-Lite Mobile 2.

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